STEM Theory of Action

If the faculty and staff at Bates Middle School increases interdisciplinary collaboration and STEM-mindedness to develop a meaningful, integrated STEM experience to guide both day-to-day and large-scale practice, then students will move beyond procedural learning to synthesis and application, thereby ensuring they have the 21st Century Skills to be successful.

STEM Core Competencies

  1. Empowered Learner
  2. Digital Citizen
  3. Knowledge Constructor
  4. Innovative Designer  
  5. Computational Thinker
  6. Creative Communicator
  7. Global Collaborator

STEM Goals

To increase student achievement by:

  1. Increasing student interest, participation, and achievement in STEAM.  
  2. Expanding student access to effective STEAM instruction.  
  3. Building community awareness and partnership support for STEAM.

The Bantam Design Process