Bates Middle School counselors provide the following services:

  • Counsel individual students and lead small groups regarding their personal, social, and educational needs.
  • Consult with parents, teachers, administrators and other support personnel.
  • Lead classroom presentations on counseling topics.
  • Orient new students and families to Bates Middle School.
  • Collaborate with area organizations to enhance community involvement with the school .
  • Manage student records.
  • Refer students and families with additional needs to outside agencies.
  • Participate on School-Based Intervention Teams.
  • Register and schedule new students.
  • Oversee 5th-6th grade and 8th-9th grade transition activities and events.
  • Coordinate career exploration activities.
  • Implement the bullying prevention program.

The goals of the Bates Middle School Counseling Program are:

  • to assist students in their adjustment to middle school and later in their preparation for high school;
  • to be accessible and sensitive to the needs of middle school students during this period of growth and change;
  • to support students’ personal and social development;
  • to assist students in academic achievement and educational growth;
  • to help students establish and maintain positive interpersonal and peer relationships;
  • to help students develop effective problem-solving and decision making skills;
  • to encourage and guide students as they explore career interests;
  • to facilitate students’ appreciation of the dignity and value of multiple cultures;
  • and to provide a safe, positive emotional climate that enhances student confidence and learning.

How do I see my counselor?

Counselor Request: The counselor may schedule a meeting with a student to address a specific concern.

Teacher/Staff Referral: A student may be sent or accompanied to the Counseling Office when immediate attention is needed.

Parent Referral: A parent or guardian may request that the counselor meet with his or her child.

Self-Referral: Students wishing to see their counselor may request an appointment.


Beverly Sowell : Guidance Counselor

Erica Lyles : Guidance Counselor

Richard Parks: Career Specialist