Join us on Thursday, November 30th at 2:00 for a walk-a-thon to raise funds for for Mrs. Alicia McFadden’s 17 year old daughter’s, Gabrielle (Bre),  eye surgery. Bre was diagnosed with a progressive eye condition called Keratoconus. Bre is now “legally blind” in her right eye. She will require a corneal transplant for that eye. The left eye is not as bad but will require a treatment called Collagen Cross-linking treatment.This procedure  will slow down the condition and give her some decent vision for a few years. It has been approved by the FDA . However, at the moment, NO insurance companies will cover it. This is a treatment she needs sooner rather than later. The procedure is scheduled for December 11, 2017 to allow sufficient healing time needed for her to return to school in January.   The donation for the walk will be $1.00.