Join us at the BMS STEM + Families Tech Night, sponsored by Microsoft at 6:00 pm on May 24th in the BMS cafeteria! Tech Nights are a fun, family-friendly event that spark passion for STEM through activities and experiments for BOTH students and their families. You and your child will explore … inspire … empower … and educate yourselves about how much fun technology can be in the Hacking STEM Robotic Hand Activity. In this activity, participants will build a flex sensor using materials that cost less than 25 cents. A flex sensor is a device that can measure how much something bends, and in this case, it will measure the “flexion” of a human finger. When attached to a pre-assembled finger rig, the sensor will also allow students and parents to control a mechanical finger with the sensor they just built. In the span of 90 minutes, you will work in the areas of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. We will also have displays of student/class STEAM projects that have been completed this school year!