The Gene Machine Mobile Science Laboratory visited Bates Middle School on September 21st. The laboratory allows the technology and expertise of the Greenwood Genetic Center to come directly to the classroom. The mobile laboratory allows students to engage in fun, entertaining and educational scenarios where they have the opportunity to learn about genetic traits and disorders, understand the lab techniques used in making a diagnosis as well as consider the ethical implications of testing.  Students completed the module “Forensics Chemistry: Was it Really the Flu?”. In this module, students determined the purity of sports drinks using the basic principles of the electromagnetic spectrum.


Elijah Okoeugha,12, and Zander Phalin,12, seventh graders at Bates Middle School, use pipettes to draw samples while visiting "The Gene Machine" which is a moblie lab from the Greenwood Genetic Center. The students tested liquid samples for the presence of copper sulfate.