Mr. Jermaine White, Ms. Jamesetta Day, Ms. Hope Woodward, and Ms. Tiffany Green’s classes performed Project Based Learning/STEAM experimentation this week.  Students in Day and White’s classes experimented with Gummy bears, finding out how the bears reacted to exposure to different solutions.  Woodward’s students explored creating a rainbow as they mixed an assortment of colored solutions in different ratios and created different colors, and also developed cardboard skimmers in order to investigate forces, motion, friction, and gravity. Green’s class was tasked to solve the problem of elevating a soda can as high as they could with limited time and only plastic straws and tape for materials.  In doing these student-centered activities, the teachers combined science, mathematics, engineering, and writing in problem based STEAM lessons, making cross-curricular connections and bringing the lesson concepts to life.  Bates is currently in the process of becoming a nationally certified STEAM school.IMG_0431 IMG_0429 IMG_0415 IMG_0401