Bates Middle School is a  STEAM Project Based Learning School located in Sumter, South Carolina.  We are one of seven middle schools in the Sumter School District serving the county of Sumter (approx. population of 108, 000) with a district wide student enrollment of more than 17,000 students.




We, the Bates Community envision developing lifelong learners into confident, competent, contributing members of society.

The  mission of Bates Middle School is to nurture the willingness to learn and foster compassion for other individuals, groups and communities in all students by providing innovative, rigorous and diverse learning experiences which will develop confident, competent, contributing members of our global society.

  • All children can learn; they are our highest priority.
  • The middle school child has specific developmental needs that must be addressed.
  • Children learn best in a safe, secure and orderly environment.
  • Students, parents, teachers and the community must work together to educate our children.
  • Knowledge of cultural diversity fosters tolerance.
  • Education is essential for the survival of society.
  • High expectations increase student achievement.
  • Communication is essential at all levels to ensure positive development.
  • Equal opportunity is an inherent human right.
  • Students, teachers and parents must show mutual respect in order to create a positive learning environment