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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Spring is here and we have great things happening at Bates! All three grade levels have began their Project Based Learning STEAM units. 6th grade will be exploring the guiding question: “Are animals placed in captivity at an advantage or disadvantage than those in their natural habit? Why/ Why not?” 7th grade will be exploring the guiding question: “How can we be prepared for the unexpected?” This question deals with the preparedness for natural or man-made disasters. 8th grade will be exploring the guiding question: “Can Separate be Equal?” This question deals with the Civil Rights movements of 1960-1990. Students will use the Bantam Design Process to research the Guiding Questions and create projects to address their answers.

The PBL Excellence Fair will be held on May 4th at 6:00 pm at BMS to showcase student work and presentations. Please come and join us!

( You can find pictures of each grade level’s Kickoff in our  “In the Spotlight” section.)

Thank you,

Dr. Ayesha Hunter


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